Exploring the World of Street Legal 4 Wheelers


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Street legal 4 wheelers are becoming increasingly popular among off-road enthusiasts. These vehicles offer the thrill of off-roading while also being able to travel on public roads. But what exactly are street legal 4 wheelers, and what makes them unique?

Street legal 4 wheelers are essentially ATVs that have been modified to meet specific requirements that allow them to be driven on public roads. These modifications typically include turn signals, brake lights, and a horn. They also typically have a maximum speed limit of 35-45mph.

There are a variety of different types of street legal 4 wheelers, including side-by-sides, UTVs, and dune buggies. Each type offers a different level of performance and customization options.

One popular brand of street legal 4 wheelers is Polaris. Their vehicles offer a range of features such as all-wheel drive, power steering, and adjustable suspension. They also have a wide range of accessories available, such as winches, roofs, and lighting kits.

Another popular type of street legal 4 wheeler is the RZR. These vehicles are built for high-performance off-roading and are often used in competitive racing events. They come with features such as a turbocharged engine, a heavy-duty transmission, and long-travel suspension.

Overall, street legal 4 wheelers offer the best of both worlds for off-road enthusiasts who also want the ability to drive on public roads. With their unique modifications and customization options, they offer a thrilling and unique driving experience.

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