The Purpose of a Drag Racing Spoiler


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The purpose of a drag racing spoiler is to increase the amount of downforce that is applied to the rear of the vehicle. This downforce helps to keep the rear wheels firmly planted on the ground, preventing them from losing traction and possibly causing the vehicle to spin out of control.

A spoiler is a device that is attached to the rear of a vehicle to disrupt the airflow over the body of the car. This disruption creates a high-pressure area underneath the spoiler and a low-pressure area above it. The resulting force pushes the car down onto the road, increasing its stability and improving its handling.

In drag racing, where every fraction of a second counts, spoilers are commonly used to improve acceleration and top speed. They are particularly effective on high-powered vehicles that produce large amounts of horsepower and torque.

Types of Spoilers

There are several different types of spoilers that can be used in drag racing, each with their own unique benefits and drawbacks.

1. Wing Spoiler

The wing spoiler is perhaps the most common type of spoiler used in drag racing. It consists of a flat or curved surface that is mounted on two upright pillars. The wing spoiler creates a significant amount of downforce and is particularly effective at high speeds.

2. Lip Spoiler

The lip spoiler is a small, low-profile device that is attached to the rear of the vehicle. It creates a small amount of downforce but is primarily designed to reduce drag.

3. Splitter Spoiler

The splitter spoiler is a combination of a front splitter and a rear wing. It works by creating high and low-pressure areas on both the front and rear of the vehicle, which creates downforce at both ends.

4. Diffuser Spoiler

The diffuser spoiler is a device that is mounted underneath the rear bumper of the vehicle. It works by creating a low-pressure area under the car, which sucks the car onto the road and creates downforce.

Benefits of a Drag Racing Spoiler

There are several benefits to using a spoiler in drag racing, including:

1. Improved Stability

Spoilers improve the stability of the vehicle by increasing the amount of downforce applied to the rear wheels. This helps to keep the wheels firmly planted on the ground, reducing the risk of losing traction and spinning out of control.

2. Better Handling

By improving the stability of the vehicle, spoilers also improve its handling. The increased downforce helps the car to turn more easily, making it more responsive and easier to control.

3. Increased Speed

Spoilers can also help to increase the top speed of the vehicle. By improving its aerodynamics, they reduce the amount of drag that the car experiences, allowing it to reach higher speeds.

4. Improved Acceleration

Finally, spoilers can also improve the acceleration of the vehicle. By creating more downforce, they help the car to transfer power to the ground more efficiently, allowing it to accelerate faster.


In conclusion, a drag racing spoiler is an essential piece of equipment for any serious racer. It improves the stability, handling, speed, and acceleration of the vehicle, helping to shave precious seconds off the race time.

With several different types of spoilers available, racers can choose the one that best suits their needs and preferences, ensuring that they have the edge over their competitors.

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